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Foundation – Waterproofing – Structural Repair


We are a true, honest, and transparent family business. We started this business because we were sick and tired of witnessing homeowners being the victim of scare tactics.

Living and growing up in a small community in Middlesex County, your word is everything. We do not make promises we cannot keep and we do not take on jobs that we can not finish with the quality you expect. We service the entire Northern Neck area and also the communities reaching from Richmond to Virginia Beach.

We specialize in structural repair. Structural repair in centered around your home’s foundation, load-bearing wall, joists, and columns. We often refer to them as the “bones” of your home. There are a number of elements that can compromise these necessary components.

Time and moisture are just two culprits.  From structural repair to encapsulations, we are the most knowledgeable and transparent when it comes to each specific customer.


We offer a wide range of services, but our specialities are Encapsulations and Basement Waterproofing. If you aren’t sure about a project, give us a call and let us see if we can help.

Basement Waterproofing


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Who knows, if the work is minor we are sometimes able to fix free of charge.

MOLD – the term is used often as a scare tactic. One of the most important elements to learn is that EVERY HOUSE has mold. After a total of 24 years working in mold producing conditions, we have only ecountered Black Mold, also known as the toxic life threatening “Stachybotrys chartarum” on FOUR seperate occasions.